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Best Black Albums

Nerve.com published a list of the top 5 “Black Albums”  Smell the Glove is number 4.

The results are in!!

The results for the first half of the first round are in!

Kiss defeats Bon Jovi with 57% of the vote!

Iron Maiden v. Mötorhead → Tie!  I’m casting the tie breaker, I’m gonna give it to… Iron Maiden.  Both influential, I just think Iron Maiden were more commercially successful, and it is the Hall of Fame.  Don’t like it?  WYOB

Billy Idol crosses X off the list, with 60% of the vote!

Steppenwolf mauls Def Leopard, 67% to 33%.

Sonic Youth squeezes by The Jam by one vote.

Red Hot Chili Peppers demolish Cheap Trick 10-1.

The Cure tops Joy Division with twice as many votes.

Jane’s Addiction looses to The Replacements by one measly vote.

There you have it, music fans the bands for the first half of the second round.  Voting for the second half of the first round starts next week.  First up:  LL Cool J v. Wham!

Last chance to vote (for the first half of the first round anyway)

Make your choices!!!  Several contests are tied, your vote could make the difference.

Bon Jovi v. Kiss

Iron Maiden v Mötorhead

Billy Idol v X

Steppenwolf v Def Leopard

The Jam v Sonic Youth

Cheap Trick v Red Hot Chili Peppers

Joy Division v The Cure

Jane’s Addiction v The Replacements

The Cars on Colbert

Ric Ocasek was interviewed on The Colbert Report.  Stephen asked him about his wife.  Then he asked about the Cars not being in the RnR HoF, see his shocking answer (after Paulina)!!!

(full interview)
Then they played some songs.


Blackjack quesadilla

Recently, my cousin Molly posted a blog (she’s much better than the Pioneer Woman) about a dinner we made at their place in Santa Fe.  I’m here to tell you the true story — the story she dared not tell!

Actually, she told the true story but there’s more to it.  A rich tapestry of events that led to the making of the meal that was … the Blackjack Quesadilla!

We didn’t make this one.


Movie bands

I haven’t been pushing the Spinal Tap thing lately, so I was searching the web for articles, blogs, what-have-you about the Tap.  I came across a list of the best fictional bands.  As I’ve said, I don’t consider the Tap to be a fictional band, seeing as how they do play their instruments and write their songs.   But I did start thinking about movie bands.  Movies about rock bands aren’t always very good, but sometimes they are.  So I’ve put together a list where you can choose your favorite movie band.  There’s a whole slew of sample videos at the end of this blog.

Much of the inspiration came from these lists: The 50 Best Fictional Bands, Top 10 Greatest Fictional Bands and 10 Excellent Fictional Bands (I waste a lot of time clicking through lists on the internet).  One list put the Tap at #1, another at #2 and another put them on the first page, so that must mean they’re the best.

FYI, I didn’t include  Otis ‘Bad’ Blake or Mac Sledge,  Dicky Cox or anyone from that Gweneth Paltrow movie, not because I don’t like country music, but because they’re solo artists, and it took me so long to get the list of just bands.  I didn’t include the Ruttles or the Folksmen because I’ve already put them in another poll.  Flight of the Chonchcords is a TV band (no disrespect intended).   I thought about not including the Blues Brothers, ’cause they really did perform and tour as a band (and ’cause it was really hard to find a clip from the movie, I had to settle for the trailer).  I wasn’t going to include The Lone Rangers, but Steve Buscemi does a great job of pretending to play bass guitar.  If there’s another movie band I didn’t include, or I shouldn’t have included, write a comment.

I also found a clip of Nirvana talking about Singles (featuring Citizen Dick) and they go on to praise This is Spïnal Tap as being the best rock documentary.  It all comes back around!!!!

Coming soon, the tally for the first half of the first round of the tournament!   This whole tournament thing has grown into something much bigger than I expected.  But you are worth it, my 10 or so devoted readers.


Wyld Stallyns:

Citizen Dick:

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes:

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem:

Sexual Chocolate:

Sonic Death Monkey/Kathleen Turner Overdrive/Barry Jive and the Uptown Five:

The Wonders:

The Soggy Bottom Boys:


The Commitments:

Infant Sorrow:

Buckaroo Banzai & the Hong Kong Cavaliers:

Eddie and the Cruisers:

The Fabulous Stains:

Steel Dragon:

Lone Rangers:

The Blues Brothers:

Poptopia! & Happy Birthday MTV

I’ve been slacking.   Apologies.  But here’s a neat article about power pop bands.  I, myself, am a fan of power pop (I think I’ve already covered this ground in my Cheap Trick v. RHCP entry, but it’s worth saying again); I like catchy melodies and simple song structure.  Although this article is a bit of a shill for Gibson guitars, I like the songs and the bands.  As it relates to this blog, only one of the bands on that list are in the HoF, and I’ve only included one other in my list (I may have to add Badfinger or The Sweet next year).  Maybe it’s the ephemeral, spontaneous feel of the music that causes it to be overlooked by critics.  But I’m hoping that Matthew Sweet, Fountains of Wane, The OutfieldOk Go, The Producers and other seemingly disposable pop bands that are particular favorites of mine don’t fade away entirely.

Let’s not forget that yesterday (August 1st) was the 30th anniversary (birthday?) of MTV.   (more…)


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