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These Go to Eleven

A beer that goes to 11

I saw this at Trader Joe’s tonight.

A closer look shows this:



And this:


We got the lager. It wasn’t bad. More hoppy than Terumi likes, but whatcha gonna do?


Family Tree teaser

Here’s the teaser trailer for Christopher Guest’s new HBO series, Family Tree.

New Replacements!

According to RollingStone.com, Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson got together in Minneapolis studio and recorded 4 cover songs (drummer Chris Mars declined). It’ll benefit Slim Dunlap, their guitarist from ’87 to ’91 who had a stroke in February. They’ll be releasing it on a 10″ vinyl EP (one would think, if they were really serious about selling copies, they might go with a more contemporary format, like, say tape cassette).

However, Paul Westerberg, said “We still rock like murder.” and that he is closer to a full reunion (with a tour and new material?) than he was 2 years ago.

A Replacements song just came on Pandora for me. It’s, like, kismet.

Christopher Guest TV show?

Word on the street is that Christopher Guest (Nigel Tufnel) is shopping a TV series. He and Jim Piddock are pitching a mostly improvised series (think “Curb Your Enthusiasm) called “Family Tree” starring Chris O’Dowd who tries to track down his real family. They are shopping it around to commercial-free networks like HBO, Showtime and Netflix. (more…)

Dancing With The Tap

I am told there was a Spinal Tap tribute dance on Dancing With The Stars last night. I have it TiVo’d, so I may watch my first episode of DWTS. Actually, I’ll probably fast forward through it.

Kiss opened the show. KISS, also not in the hall. Now some might say that’s exactly the reason they’re not in the hall, that they are huge sell-outs who will do anything for money. That any self-respecting rock band would have said “Dancing With the Stars doesn’t have much crossover with the KISS army.” Some might have done the show with some sense of irony, a wink and a nod to say “Yes, this is super lame, but we’re just having fun” maybe. But the KISS army has apparently not been re-enlisting, so they are expanding their recruiting. Using dancers on a ballroom. And did anyone else think the guy dancers’ costumes would have been more appropriate for a Freddie Mercury tribute?

Here’s the Kiss video. Note at the end, all the judges gave them scores of eleven. They went to all the way to eleven. That seems to have become rock and roll code for awesome.


Movie bands

I haven’t been pushing the Spinal Tap thing lately, so I was searching the web for articles, blogs, what-have-you about the Tap.  I came across a list of the best fictional bands.  As I’ve said, I don’t consider the Tap to be a fictional band, seeing as how they do play their instruments and write their songs.   But I did start thinking about movie bands.  Movies about rock bands aren’t always very good, but sometimes they are.  So I’ve put together a list where you can choose your favorite movie band.  There’s a whole slew of sample videos at the end of this blog.

Much of the inspiration came from these lists: The 50 Best Fictional Bands, Top 10 Greatest Fictional Bands and 10 Excellent Fictional Bands (I waste a lot of time clicking through lists on the internet).  One list put the Tap at #1, another at #2 and another put them on the first page, so that must mean they’re the best.

FYI, I didn’t include  Otis ‘Bad’ Blake or Mac Sledge,  Dicky Cox or anyone from that Gweneth Paltrow movie, not because I don’t like country music, but because they’re solo artists, and it took me so long to get the list of just bands.  I didn’t include the Ruttles or the Folksmen because I’ve already put them in another poll.  Flight of the Chonchcords is a TV band (no disrespect intended).   I thought about not including the Blues Brothers, ’cause they really did perform and tour as a band (and ’cause it was really hard to find a clip from the movie, I had to settle for the trailer).  I wasn’t going to include The Lone Rangers, but Steve Buscemi does a great job of pretending to play bass guitar.  If there’s another movie band I didn’t include, or I shouldn’t have included, write a comment.

I also found a clip of Nirvana talking about Singles (featuring Citizen Dick) and they go on to praise This is Spïnal Tap as being the best rock documentary.  It all comes back around!!!!

Coming soon, the tally for the first half of the first round of the tournament!   This whole tournament thing has grown into something much bigger than I expected.  But you are worth it, my 10 or so devoted readers.


Wyld Stallyns:

Citizen Dick:

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes:

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem:

Sexual Chocolate:

Sonic Death Monkey/Kathleen Turner Overdrive/Barry Jive and the Uptown Five:

The Wonders:

The Soggy Bottom Boys:


The Commitments:

Infant Sorrow:

Buckaroo Banzai & the Hong Kong Cavaliers:

Eddie and the Cruisers:

The Fabulous Stains:

Steel Dragon:

Lone Rangers:

The Blues Brothers:

Bad Religion rules

I saw Bad Religion at the KROQ Weenie Roast yesterday.  Bad Religion played and they were awesome.  I didn’t put them in the playoffs this year, mainly because they slipped my mind, but also because I’m not sure how popular they are outside of Southern California.  Here, they are punk rock legends.  Real warriors and elder statesmen who continue to tour and put out great albums.  They just did a 30th anniversary tour, for cryin’ out loud!  I think their new stuff is pretty strong, and the crowd loved them at the concert (although they were not the headliners).


Cars get back together

Not quite part of the tournament, but only because I didn’t put them in the bracket.  But The Cars are getting back together with new music and touring! Two members of the band toured in 2005 as “The New Cars” with Todd Rundgren (another notable absence from the HoF) singing lead.  But now it’s all 4 surviving original members.

The induction

I mis-bloged when I said the induction ceremony was Sunday night, it was last night (Monday).  If you haven’t heard what went down, here’s an article:


(Nothing says rock and roll like grammar humor.)

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Paul Simon disappoints me

Here’s a list of who’s inducting whom for the upcoming RnRHoF ceremony (March 14th).
All is good except that my old friend Paul Simon is inducting Neil Diamond. I say “old friend” because I met him briefly about 14 years ago. I was working at Royce Hall and he was performing. He said “where can I put my guitar?” and I said “uh, here’s good.” (There’s a longer version of the story, but I’m writing on my phone, so brevity is key). Paul, old buddy, how could you let me down like this? Neil Diamond is the anti-rock. ‘sigh’

Tap into the Hall!

Waiting for Guffman & Super Bowl ads

Not for nothing, I watched Waiting for Guffman the other night;  Original songs by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer.  Very funny movie.  Directed by Christopher Guest.

Then, watching the super bowl, I saw these ads for Groupon.  Also, directed by Christopher Guest.


Spinal Tap & Californication

Last night’s season premiere of Californication, when Runkle mentioned he has slept with 11 women, Hank says it makes him think of Spinal Tap. More evidence of the Tap’s cultural significance.

Goes to 11 again

And tonight’s re-run of Good Eats (pork tenderloin), Alton Brown said the acids in a marinade take the flavor to 11. If it’s pervaded culture to the food network, that’s saying something.

goes to 11

This morning on the radio, Kat Corbett (KROQ) said this is the year that goes to 11.  It goes one louder.  Wish I’d thought of that.


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